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Meishan Park

Meishan Park is located in Meishan Township, Jiayi County, 269.3 kilometers from the 3rd Line of the provincial road, known as the Taiwan 3rd Line Pearl, which covers an area of about six hectares. It is the location of Mei Pit Moon, one of Jiayi's eight scenes. Once the site of Mei Pit Moon, one of Jiayi's eight scenes.
The park is built according to the mountain, roaming along the trail, full of green gardens, pleasant scenery. The garden is full of plum trees, peaches, plums, peonies, azaleas, cherry blossoms...etc. Flowers bloom all year round in the mountains, the scenery is colorful and charming.
In the plum blossom season, boarded the plum pavilion , enjoy the plum blossoms, drink the plum tea and immerse yourself in poetry. There are also recreational areas and flower platforms, walkways and other landscapes, so that Meishan Park has become the best place for people to relax and visit.
The most striking sight in Meishan Park is the 3,000 plum trees planted in the park.



Every year during the plum season, you can see the sea of white flowers all over the mountains, enjoy the fragrance, is one of the southern Taiwan to enjoy the plum blossoms.